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Mar 22, - Exercising is hard. The gym sucks. If you're one of those people who like the gym, GREAT, but just know that you're an anomaly. There are.

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Nov 10, - Hate exercise? Stop struggling with the same routine or class that you hate. Instead, follow these steps, lose weight, and get healthy a better. The fitness industry has a problem: exercise sucks. Well, actually no. It does take work. But, as any gym-rat will tell you, exercise can and should be enjoyable.

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Exercise exercise exercise suck

Mar 23, - Here's a harsh truth about fitness that you don't often hear – exercise sucks. For some of us anyway. I envy those people I see posting online. Jan 13, - You know how important exercise is, right? Yes? So why is it that the most active thing you've done lately is go to the mailbox for your Netflix.

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Dec 13, - Maybe it's just me, but doing ab work pretty much sucks. Of course You can also substitute a loaded barbell or an exercise ball. The easiest. Jan 2, - It's Okay to Suck at Your First Exercise Class. In fact, it's totally human. Find out how one writer survived her first barre class—and why she went.

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Jun 20, - Exercise sucks. Everyone talks about the endorphins and how great you are supposed to feel after a good workout, but I work out and I just feel. Just want to think back to those quotes/articles when I "don't feel like it" when it comes to going to the gym or exercising. https://shift-japan.info/ass-to-mouth/

Exercise exercise exercise suck

Jun 13, - But there is no way you like EXERCISE. I can barely even say the word without cringing. And why am I the only person that complains during. Jul 23, - Post with votes and views. Tagged with,, The More You Know,, ; Shared by CloudMacGrath. Ab exercises that don't suck.

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Jun 21, - Ok so this is probably going to sound a bit 'rant-y' but I promise to keep it informative as well. So, here's the thing, I've got this pet peeve. You know those “one weird trick” ads? This piece includes a trick that actually works, and does not come with recurring charges to your credit card. A number of.

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Sometimes you can put in weeks, months, even years in the gym. And that glorious room of sweat, iron, and half naked dudes just won't give back. Here's a 7. Mar 17, - A typical workout for me lasts about two hours — which include at least 15 minutes of warming up, and another 10 to 15 minutes of cool-down.